Wood Science & Application

Wood Science & Application

Sashco’s Zero Failures: Wood Science, Technology and Application contractor training seminar teaches the science of log and wood home finishing, sealing, restoration, and maintenance in detail. You leave with new knowledge and refreshed confidence, ready to diagnose and bid a quality, high-performance job. This two-day seminar is sought out around the world from Japan to Finland, Canada to Russia. It’s packed with information that will immediately translate into customers who are confident in you and your company, willing to pay for the premium processes and products you use.



Don’t just skim the surface. At Zero Failures, you’ll go in-depth on total log home care, including:

  • Chinking, caulking and staining best practices

  • Log surface prep, including media blasting

  • Why logs ain’t wood (yes, they’re different)

  • Decks, railings and wood siding care

  • Restoration do’s and don'ts



  • Classroom: Sashco chemists guide you through detailed principles on the best log and wood finishing practices.

  • Hands-on Training: Work on your own log wall. Taught by experienced log home contractors, these hands-on sessions are a seminar favorite.

  • Networking: New contractors and seasoned pros alike attend Zero Failures to share insights, best practices, what works and what doesn’t.



  • Zero Failures will help you easily explain the differences between your bid and the bid from the painter down the street so you win more of the right kind of jobs.

  • Professional training results in faster job completion, decreased call backs, improved customer relations, and repeat customers.

  • Resellers and contractors who attend together gain shared knowledge that helps build their businesses.

  • And don’t forget: seminar fees and travel expenses are tax deductible for businesses.

What Others Are Saying:

“The mistakes I have made in the past and the costs associated with them could have been prevented had I attended Zero Failures sooner.”

--- Jayson Romney, Hat Creek Contractor Co.

"I found the science and technical information most helpful. We've been doing things a particular way for years but didn't understand why. It has helped us explain to customers why we do certain things, which helps my confidence, as well as my customer's confidence."

---Kade Bagley, Big Ridge Log Pros

“This was my first year in business. I gained knowledge about the various processes and products for log home finishing, why and how they worked, and was able to share that confidently with my customers. I'm booked through the next summer already. I left Zero Failures with an excitement and enthusiasm I didn't expect. I was ready to get to work! I'm excited to return to Zero Failures and bring my crew with me this time. There's so much they can learn and I know I'll take in more the second time around."

--- Ryan Brooks, Mountain Acres Log Home Restoration

“The combination of hands-on time with scientific learning was so valuable and the visual aids were eye opening. I could relate that to my past jobs and gain insight into better diagnosing and bidding jobs. With the knowledge and confidence I gained at Zero Failures, I can very clearly distinguish the job I will do from the job the painter down the street will do. Identifying and winning jobs from homeowners who care about a quality job is much easier. Plus, it was helpful being able to talk to the resident caulking geek. Now I’m able to be the caulking geek for my customers, which increases their confidence in both my company and the products and processes we use.”

--- Mike Bellevue, Chewelah Painting

The Details:


2022 Dates TBD

You will be contacted for payment after your form is submitted.


Wood Science & Application: $700

Full Week (both Seminars): $950

Save $250 attending the full week!

Registration Includes:

  • All classroom materials

  • Shuttle between host hotel           and Sashco

  • Lunch both days & dinner             on Tuesday Evening

Zero Failures - Sashco, Inc.

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