Business Focus

How can you bid a job to not only pay the bills but also grow your business?

How do you identify and retain the best crew leaders?

What will your business look like in two years? Five years?

Do you have more leads than you know what to do with, but still struggle to make the money you want?

Do you have a company that will support you when it’s time to get off the ladder?

When’s the last time you got off the ladder to work on your business,
rather than in your business





Now’s the time to invest in your business at Sashco’s Zero Failures Business Focus seminar, where you’ll learn and network with both seasoned business owners and start-ups alike. Learn how to leverage your strengths and identify areas for opportunity in your path to building a healthy, thriving company that will stand the test of time.

At Zero Failures Business Focus, we'll talk:

  • People:

    • Finding good employees: Get easy-to-implement advice on identifying, recruiting, and keeping excellent crew members.

    • Culture building: Learn how establishing and maintaining a culture of accountability and ownership drives engagement, increases revenue, decreases turnover, and outlasts you.

    • Great vision and mission statements: No, they aren’t just words on a wall. They're about unifying the people on your team around a single goal. Learn practical steps to writing down a shareable, contagious vision and mission for your company.​​

    • Relationship management: Learn the best ways to deal with vendors, employees, customers, and more.

  • Process:

    • Leveraging ladder skills in your business: Get practical advice on how to use your hands-on, more-comfortable-on-a-ladder strengths to grow your business.

    • Positioning for growth: Learn about systems and processes that enable growth and help decrease micromanagement.

  • Pricing:

    • Making more money: Spend an entire day learning how to put together a better bid that will maximize profit and allow you to grow.​​

    • Margins and modifiers: ​​Learn how to stay focused on profit, even when in the weeds of details.



What Others Have Said:

“I found the training to be very informative. What impressed me the most was seeing how another contractor runs his business. Wayne Bell’s willingness and enthusiasm to share how he is successful in doing this business was refreshing. That was something I have never experienced in my 20+ years of being in business.”-N.S. Bozeman, MT

“Wayne Bell’s presentation on break-even analysis and detailed explanation of proposals were the most valuable part of the training for me.”-M.J.  Duluth, MN

“The business model presentation by Wayne Bell was the highlight of the seminar. I wish I’d have met him 10 years ago.”- R.H. Champion, MI

“On a scale of 1 to 10 Wayne Bell is an 11.”- J.J. Wisconsin Rapids, WI

The Details:


2022 Dates TBD

You will be contacted for payment after your form is submitted.


Business Focus: $500

Full Week (both Seminars): $950

Save $250 attending the full week!

Registration Includes:

  • All classroom materials

  • Shuttle between host hotel           and Sashco

  • Lunch both days & dinner             on Thursday Evening

Zero Failures - Sashco, Inc.

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